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Week 1 Overreactions: Percentage of Targets Caught

By MV September 14th 2015

Please resist the delicious urge of over reacting to what you saw on Sunday. Every year week 1 comes around and guys come out of nowhere only to be never heard of again. On the flip side offenses and defenses that struggled result in over-analysis. A couple of plays can determine the way OCs call the plays and who they use.

FSC does not like to make a whole bunch of moves in the first couple of weeks. There is, however an opportunity to take advantage of the owner that wants to jump ship on one bad performance or the guy who will not survive without player X. The results of Week 1 and Week 2 never extrapolate out into a full season of stats. Be aware of this. Look for the owner that wants to get rid of Demaryius Thomas, Andrew Luck, Frank Gore, Justin Forsett and CJ Anderson for eighty cents on the dollar. Meanwhile if you can trade Keenan Allen, Tyler Eifert and Alfred Morris for Odell Beckham Jr., Greg Olsen and Marshawn Lynch please do it. Simply put, don’t believe what you see. There is plenty of time for the NFL to get flipped on its pretty little head.

Below are the wide receiver’s, running back’s and tight end’s total targets as compared to their receptions and then the percentage of the combined. While the offensive scheme, opponent, opposing defender and flow of game heavily factor in to these numbers, it is a good starting point to see how each player is being utilized within their offense. We take this information then evaluate what happened in the game to produce this result before we make our week 2 projections and who to target each week as a pickup or a drop. There are some interesting results on the list.

Our complete list of waiver wire pickups will be posted after the two Monday night football games.

Again, be patient, it’s only week one. What you saw yesterday was not the full truth.