Week 2 Percentages of Targets Caught

By MV September 21st 2015

A great place to start when combing the wire for a relevant pickup is the target list. As I have said many times before it does not tell the whole story, but it is what we have to go off of. Take the data, research the next opponents and how they match up with the defense, evaluate the future opportunity and then use Fantasy Sports Central weekly rankings to confirm your findings!

Some of the notables for the week:

Edelman with 19 targets, whoa. That won’t slow down.
Jimmy Graham only had 2 targets, figure it out Seattle.
Leonard Hankerson, on our waiver wire pickup list from last week had 11 targets while Roddy White only had 1.
Jarvis Landry continues to dominate targets. He is an exceptional wide receiver and end will up in the top 12 among wide outs in total points by the end of the year.
Steve Smith Senior probably got super pissed off and threatened to kick some coach ass so he ended up with 16 targets.
Ted Ginn Jr. had a total of 9 targets and it seems like he may be the grossest wide receiver one in the history of the National Football League.
Eric Ebron, we are watching and you are impressing. I believe that you will be a top 10 tight end through 17 weeks. Keep it up.

A lot to look at here and there were quite a few surprises please enjoy the list.

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