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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

Running Back

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Each fantasy football sleeper or bust has their name, team and bye, then the player's
average rank according to our average cheat sheet, then the website's player rank.

Fantasy Football Extreme
 Franklin, Johnathan GB 856.836 
 Barner, Kenjon CAR 978.560 
 Dwyer, Jonathan PIT 1148.835 
 Bush, Reggie DET 914.0
 Turbin, Robert SEA 669.554 
 Michael, Christine SEA 655.581 
 Spiller, C.J. BUF 73.5
 McCoy, LeSean PHI 77.513 
 Davis, Knile KC 659.574 
 Helu, Roy WAS 559.372 
Sportsline - Jamey
 Moreno, Knowshon DEN 650.040 
 Helu, Roy WAS 559.349 
 Dunbar, Lance DAL 571.562 
 Stacy, Zac STL 566.358 
 Spiller, C.J. BUF 73.5
 Brown, Andre NYG 744.860 
 Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL 852.564 
 Reece, Marcel OAK 862.371 
 Woodhead, Danny SD 640.546 
 Rice, Ray BAL 56.3
Sportsline - Dave
 Jennings, Rashad OAK 871.356 
 Hunter, Kendall SF 756.544 
 Powell, Bilal NYJ 843.834 
 Blount, LeGarrette NE 779.367 
 Morris, Alfred WAS 511.0
 Brown, Andre NYG 744.881 
 Turbin, Robert SEA 669.581 
 Gerhart, Toby MIN 966.377 
 Randle, Joseph DAL 570.881 
 Helu, Roy WAS 559.368 
Fantasy Football Toolbox
 Bell, Joique DET 948.332 
 Brown, Andre NYG 744.830 
 Wilson, David NYG 716.3
 Goodson, Mike NYJ 877.564 
 Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL 852.543 
 Ridley, Stevan NE 713.822 
 Greene, Shonn TEN 651.367 
 Morris, Alfred WAS 511.016 
 Stacy, Zac STL 566.377 
 Tate, Ben HOU 1134.542 
Fantasy Football 411
 Helu, Roy WAS 559.346 
 Stewart, Jonathan CAR 959.349 
 Goodson, Mike NYJ 877.567 
 Bush, Michael CHI 852.344 
 Bell, Joique DET 948.342 
 Hillman, Ronnie DEN 643.062 
 Robinson, Denard JAX 967.581 
 Rice, Ray BAL 56.3
 Hunter, Kendall SF 756.564 
 Taylor, Stepfan ARI 673.381 
 Brown, Andre NYG 744.827 
 Morris, Alfred WAS 511.0
 Gerhart, Toby MIN 966.350 
 Ivory, Chris NYJ 832.523 
 James, Mike TB 879.366 
 Franklin, Johnathan GB 856.879 
 Richardson, Trent IND 115.311 
 Moreno, Knowshon DEN 650.065 
 Dwyer, Jonathan PIT 1148.862 
 Charles, Jamaal KC 63.5

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