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Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

Wide Receiver

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Each fantasy football sleeper or bust has their name, team and bye, then the player's
average rank according to our average cheat sheet, then the website's player rank.

 Gordon, Josh CLE 430.5
 Hopkins, DeAndre HOU 1048.831 
 Nicks, Hakeem IND 1041.025 
 Streater, Rod OAK 555.838 
 Cooper, Riley PHI 740.030 
 Crabtree, Michael SF 819.036 
 Wheaton, Markus PIT 1261.091 
 Britt, Kenny STL 463.891 
 Sanders, Emmanuel DEN 431.550 
 Cooks, Brandin NO 647.069 
Sportsline - Jamey
 Boykin, Jarrett GB 957.045 
 Edelman, Julian NE 1025.818 
 Avant, Jason CAR 1273.861 
 Cooks, Brandin NO 647.037 
 Wayne, Reggie IND 1044.835 
 Hopkins, DeAndre HOU 1048.861 
 Gordon, Josh CLE 430.538 
 Shorts, Cecil JAX 1145.054 
 Randle, Rueben NYG 850.558 
 Baldwin, Doug SEA 453.861 
Sportsline - Dave
 Cooks, Brandin NO 647.030 
 Sanders, Emmanuel DEN 431.518 
 Douglas, Harry ATL 964.848 
 Jones, Marvin CIN 452.539 
 Avant, Jason CAR 1273.861 
 Wright, Kendall TEN 927.038 
 Maclin, Jeremy PHI 730.040 
 Hilton, T.Y. IND 1028.335 
 Bowe, Dwayne KC 642.050 
 Shorts, Cecil JAX 1145.053 
Fantasy Football Toolbox
 Wheaton, Markus PIT 1261.036 
 Britt, Kenny STL 463.842 
 Hilton, T.Y. IND 1028.316 
 Maclin, Jeremy PHI 730.018 
 Moore, Lance PIT 1257.843 
 Douglas, Harry ATL 964.891 
 BeckhamJr., Odell NYG 855.079 
 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI 414.326 
 Austin, Miles DAL 1167.591 
 Streater, Rod OAK 555.877 

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