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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

Wide Receiver

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Each fantasy football sleeper or bust has their name, team and bye, then the player's
average rank according to our average cheat sheet, then the website's player rank.

Fantasy Football Extreme
 Rice, Sidney SEA 654.335 
 Moore, Lance NO 1135.324 
 Williams, Mike TB 832.822 
 Baldwin, Doug SEA 680.864 
 Baldwin, Jonathan SF 782.067 
 Garcon, Pierre WAS 516.334 
 Woods, Robert BUF 770.391 
 Broyles, Ryan DET 950.063 
 Shorts, Cecil JAX 927.336 
 Jackson, DeSean PHI 728.837 
Sportsline - Jamey
 Dobson, Aaron NE 767.354 
 Gibson, Brandon MIA 581.367 
 Moss, Santana WAS 578.568 
 Stills, Kenny NO 1176.366 
 Givens, Chris STL 538.031 
 Hill, Stephen NYJ 868.380 
 Kerley, Jeremy NYJ 871.081 
 Hankerson, Leonard WAS 572.381 
 Boldin, Anquan SF 739.846 
 Marshall, Brandon CHI 85.0
Sportsline - Dave
 Shorts, Cecil JAX 927.318 
 Sanu, Mohamed CIN 760.547 
 Wheaton, Markus PIT 1174.861 
 Broyles, Ryan DET 950.041 
 Austin, Tavon STL 531.825 
 Nicks, Hakeem NYG 721.534 
 Brown, Antonio PIT 1119.527 
 Dobson, Aaron NE 767.381 
 Hill, Stephen NYJ 868.381 
 Moore, Lance NO 1135.343 
Fantasy Football Toolbox
 Hill, Stephen NYJ 868.351 
 Moore, Denarius OAK 849.337 
 Floyd, Michael ARI 637.327 
 Nicks, Hakeem NYG 721.514 
 Tate, Golden SEA 639.830 
 Smith, Steve CAR 922.561 
 Johnson, Stevie BUF 732.862 
 Jones, Jacoby BAL 567.891 
 Allen, Keenan SD 671.588 
 Jones, James GB 826.336 
Fantasy Football 411
 Thompkins, Kenbrell NE 746.534 
 Dobson, Aaron NE 767.354 
 Wheaton, Markus PIT 1174.861 
 Kerley, Jeremy NYJ 871.058 
 Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN 960.349 
 LaFell, Brandon CAR 952.864 
 Roberts, Andre ARI 660.070 
 Woods, Robert BUF 770.381 
 Britt, Kenny TEN 630.037 
 Wayne, Reggie IND 1117.823 
 Washington, Nate TEN 681.352 
 Moss, Santana WAS 578.560 
 Wallace, Mike MIA 529.820 
 Smith, Torrey BAL 525.818 
 Hill, Stephen NYJ 868.357 
 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI 66.512 
 McCluster, Dexter KC 673.091 
 Dobson, Aaron NE 767.383 
 Gordon, Josh CLE 530.541 
 Kerley, Jeremy NYJ 871.087 

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