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By MV March 1st, 2015

While February is the slowest month for fantasy sports players, it is business as usual for NFL Exec’s and Pro Scouts. With the NFL combine all wrapped up there is now measurables on the most touted college athletes. Highlight reels are accessible to us all and the phenomena of comparisons are everywhere. After a season that saw 6 WR’s land in the TOP 30 in PPR format the combines’ popularity just got bigger. Well it’s over and we still have the stats, measurables and highlight tapes but they don’t yet have teams.

This brings me to the point: OK, now what? Nothing really matters until we find out where everyone goes. If ODB was a Tennessee Titan would we be talking about him? What if Mike Evans ended up a Jet? On the flip side what if Watkins landed on the Colts. Whoa.

There is some incredible WR talent this year, we’re not saying that the 2014 rookie WR campaign will repeat, but we should have 3-4 guys that are fantasy relevant at the position. It all depends on where these guys land. Kevin White, Amari Cooper, and Doreal Green-Beckham seem to be the clear top 3 as far as talent goes, but if a better opportunity presents itself to say a Devin Funchess going to the Pats at the end of the 1st round, look out.

Beckham should gather some looks simply because I believe fantasy players now love that name. DGB 6’5 with a 32.5” wing span. He is being called the next Randy Moss. Easy does it, let’s see what situation he land in.

I won’t get my Mel Kiper Jr. wig on, but it seems that the popular mock has the Raiders grabbing either Cooper or White, which might not be such a bad thing. With money to spend in free agency and Carr who had 599 pass attempts last year (7th in the NFL) this offense could produce 2-3 fantasy starters worth owning.

This draft will be interesting, but remember talent is not everything.