By MV August 27th 2015

Take a look at the Wide Receiver targets. This list the TOP 50 wide Receivers in terms of total 2014 targets. I then sorted them by the percentage of those targets caught. There are a few factors involved in why some have better percentages than others, but most notably are Quarterback play and Wide Receiver hands. Is anybody surprised that Randall Cobb, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Odell Beckham Jr. are four of the top five? What about James Jones, Doug Baldwin and Eric Decker in the top ten?

When we take a closer look at each individual it gives us a jump-off point to decide if their opportunity will improve and where the trend line is at. This list helps us identify some undervalued Wide Receivers for 2015. Stay tuned for an update on our undervalued list.

WR's Targets 2014.jpg

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