By MV October 19th 2015

This week there was again only 8 running backs that had over 20 carries. Of those 8 running backs only 4 had over 70 yards rushing while only 2 of them rushed for over 100 yards. The day of the workhorse running back is gone, unless you play for Jeff Fisher. Todd Gurley will have 280 carries the remaining 10 weeks.

We have always subscribed to the theory of loading up on running backs because of the scarcity of studs at the position, but it is becoming clear to me that it just does not matter anymore. If I can get a Giovani Bernard, Danny Woodhead or Chris Ivory in the mid-rounds than why wouldn’t I load up on wide receiver, tight end and quarterback? Just a thought, but it seems that with big injuries, jobs changing hands, and 3rd down backs coming out of nowhere it may make sense to start playing with “the punt on running back” strategy.


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