By MV October 26th 2015

Are you guys watching what Gurley is doing? Isn’t Jeff Fisher’s commitment to one running back to gain momentum nice? How about the quote that Lamar Miller had: “I wasn’t getting the ball that much. So every time I got it I was trying to make a big play, and I wasn’t reading my keys. Now, I’m trusting my offensive line more. They’ve been getting a lot of movement. I’m being patient and decisive.”

So why is the Running Back by Committee so popular? Why don’t more coaches remember that a running back needs multiple opportunities to pop off a long one? Consistency and momentum are the two things that running backs need to be great. It doesn’t seem like running back are staying healthier now due to the RBBC. I am sure that a study will come out in 10+ years talking about the ligaments go cold on the sidelines causing more injuries. Maybe?

Only 6 running backs had 20+ carries this week. 5 of those 6 teams won their game. Darren McFadden was the only one that lost, and he led the way with 29 carries for 152 yards. We had Run DMC listed as an early preseason sleeper and it seems that the Cowboys brain trusts are finally utilizing the 27 year old talent.  All of the talk about Christine Michael taking the job turns out to be smoke and mirrors. NFL coaches are so clever.WEEK 7 CARRIES

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