By MV October 26th 2015

Nate Washington, lol. Actually a lot of us in the business had him ranked to get a fair amount of action this weekend, but 16 targets. Really? TY finally shows up with double digits, but what is going on with that offense?

While Sammy Watkins is complaining about not getting enough looks while on the sideline and Percy Harvin is dealing with his annual ah-fuck-it-it is Robert Woods and Chris Hogan are playing ball. They each had double digit targets and both looked pretty good.

Danny Amendola caught 8 of the hardest catches this week. He seemed to be all over the field getting smashed, jumping fearlessly, diving and getting clobbered. Lafell is back and he looked rusty, but he still had 8 targets.

Please stop being a top 10 RB in PPR Woodhead, it’s getting weird. And please, for the love of God, stop making the list Baltimore RB Kyle Juszczyk. That is the biggest pain in the ass to type. It’s like the name of that one street on the drive to Vegas from LA.


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